Pests and Vermin Infestations

Sometimes disrepair in your home can lead to problems with pests and vermin. Infestation is not in itself disrepair, so it’s not always clear if your landlord is responsible for dealing with it.

Your landlord is responsible for dealing with infestations of pests and vermin if: it was caused by a disrepair issue such as a hole in the wall, your tenancy agreement says your landlord should make sure the property is fit to live in, and you live in a furnished home and the pests were there before your tenancy started.

Working out who’s responsible for dealing with an infestation depends on several things, including:

  • whether there’s anything about it in your tenancy agreement, or
  • whether your home was infested before you moved in, or
  • if the problem is being caused or made worse by disrepair, or
  • if something that you’ve done or haven’t done has led to the problem.

If there’s disrepair in your home that’s either causing a problem with pests and vermin or is making a problem worse, it’s likely that your landlord is responsible for dealing with it as part of the repair work.



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